Ceramic Beads

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Choose an assortment of our handmade beads to create your own unique combination. There's no minimum, so you can work with as many or as few as you need. Our beads are individually shaped in a freeform manner, allowing for loose uniformity in size and shape. The result is a product that looks like it was made by human hands, just the way we like it. 

Material: Assorted ceramic clays and glazes

Dimensions: (Beads are handmade and sizes are not exact. All sizing is approximate)

Signature bead: 1.25" long

Short bead: 0.75" long

Disc Bead: 1" diameter

Sphere bead: 1.25" diameter

View cord options here: https://thepursuitsofhappiness.com/products/diy-natural-cotton-cord

Design suggestions: For a five bead necklace pick out a favorite color pairing and then add in a few earthy neutral tones. Mixing a few different shapes adds interest as well. View more ideas here.