Clay Starter Kit

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Explore ceramics from the comfort of your own home with a ceramics starter kit. These are the tools and clay I use in my everyday practice of hand-building ceramics.

Starter Kit includes:

  • 5lbs warm white stoneware
  • fettling knife
  • wooden shaper tool
  • wire scoring tool
  • needle tool
  • metal rib
  • steel scraper


Need to know

This is the locally made Cone 5 clay I use to create the many of my pieces. You will need access to a ceramics kiln to turn your creations into functionable objects. You can check with your local ceramics store to see if they offer a firing service. After being allowed to fully dry out, kiln fire to 04 (1945 degrees Fahrenheit) bisque. Glaze finish and fire to cone 5 (2167 degrees Fahrenheit) to complete.